US, Mexico to cooperate on strengthening security screening of investments

US, Mexico to cooperate on strengthening security screening of investments
By Finance
Dec 09

US, Mexico to cooperate on strengthening security screening of investments

US, Mexico to Cooperate on Strengthening Security Screening of Investments


The United States and Mexico have recently announced a joint effort to enhance the security screening of foreign investments in both countries. The move comes as part of a broader strategy to protect sensitive industries and critical infrastructure from potential national security risks. The collaboration between the two nations aims to ensure that investment activities do not compromise their respective security interests.


Foreign investments play a crucial role in promoting economic growth and technological advancements. However, concerns have been raised regarding the potential risks associated with certain investments, especially those originating from countries that may have conflicting security interests with the receiving nation. In recent years, both the United States and Mexico have witnessed increased scrutiny over foreign investments, particularly in areas such as telecommunications, energy, and defense.

The US Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) and its Mexican counterpart, the Mexican Foreign Investment National Security Commission (CNBIS), have been responsible for reviewing and approving foreign investments in their respective countries. However, there is now greater recognition of the need for enhanced cooperation and coordination between the two nations to better address security concerns.

Cooperation and Information Sharing

Under the strengthened partnership, the US and Mexico will improve the exchange of information related to proposed foreign investments. This includes sharing data and intelligence on potential risks and vulnerabilities associated with specific investment activities. The aim is to ensure a more comprehensive assessment of the potential impact on national security before making investment decisions.

Both countries will also establish mechanisms for regular consultation and coordination between their respective investment screening bodies. This will enable a more efficient and effective review process, allowing for timely identification and mitigation of any security risks.

Protecting Critical Infrastructure

One of the key areas of focus for the US and Mexico is the protection of critical infrastructure, such as energy and telecommunications networks, from potential threats posed by foreign investments. Given the increasing connectivity and interdependence of these sectors, ensuring their integrity becomes paramount.

Through enhanced security screening, the two countries aim to prevent the acquisition or control of critical infrastructure by entities that may have malicious intent. By identifying and addressing potential vulnerabilities, they can safeguard the stability and resilience of these essential systems.

Promoting Economic Growth

While prioritizing national security, the US and Mexico also recognize the importance of maintaining an open and attractive investment climate. The cooperation in strengthening security screening seeks to strike a balance between safeguarding national interests and promoting economic growth. By providing a clear and transparent regulatory framework, the countries aim to instill confidence in foreign investors while ensuring that critical security concerns are adequately addressed.

Furthermore, by aligning their investment screening processes, the US and Mexico can create a more harmonized approach to security screening. This will not only facilitate cross-border investments but also enhance regional cooperation in addressing common security challenges.

In an increasingly interconnected world, the US and Mexico understand the importance of robust security screening of foreign investments. By working together, the two countries can strengthen their respective screening processes, better identify and mitigate potential security risks, and protect critical infrastructure. Through this collaboration, the US and Mexico demonstrate their commitment to protecting both national security and economic prosperity.

By ensuring a balanced approach that safeguards against potential threats while maintaining an attractive investment climate, the US and Mexico can foster a more secure and prosperous future.

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