Terraform Labs – Product Marketing Manager

Terraform Labs – Product Marketing Manager
By Finance
Jun 25

Terraform Labs – Product Marketing Manager

Terraform Labs is a well-known company in the tech world that specializes in blockchain technology. They are always at the forefront of innovation, which is why they are currently looking for a Product Marketing Manager to join their team. This position comes with a lot of responsibility and requires someone who is motivated, creative, and has a deep understanding of blockchain technology.


As a Product Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for developing and executing marketing plans for Terraform Labs’ products. You will work closely with the product team to understand the features and benefits of each product and create marketing campaigns that highlight these features. You will also be responsible for:

  • Creating product positioning and messaging
  • Developing marketing materials, such as website copy, whitepapers, and case studies
  • Leading marketing campaigns across various channels, including social media, email, and events
  • Collaborating with sales teams to generate leads and close deals

Overall, you will be responsible for ensuring that Terraform Labs’ products are effectively marketed and that they reach their target audience.


To be considered for this position, you should have:

  • A deep understanding of blockchain technology and its potential applications
  • Experience in product marketing, preferably in the tech industry
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills
  • An analytical mindset and the ability to measure the success of marketing campaigns
  • The ability to multitask and prioritize in a fast-paced environment

Additionally, experience with SEO, SEM, and content marketing is a plus.


Terraform Labs is known for its competitive salaries and benefits packages. In addition to a generous salary, they offer:

  • Flexible work hours and remote work options
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • 401(k) with company matching
  • Paid time off and holidays
  • Ongoing professional development opportunities

Overall, working at Terraform Labs comes with many perks and benefits that make it an attractive place to work in the tech industry.

Application Process

If you’re interested in applying for the Product Marketing Manager position at Terraform Labs, you can visit their website to learn more about the company and apply online. You will be asked to submit your resume, cover letter, and any relevant work samples, so be sure to prepare these materials ahead of time.

You should also be prepared for multiple rounds of interviews, including a phone screen, virtual interview, and possibly an in-person interview. The hiring process at Terraform Labs is rigorous, but the company values diversity, so don’t let that deter you from applying.

In conclusion, the Product Marketing Manager position at Terraform Labs is a great opportunity for someone who is passionate about blockchain technology and has experience in product marketing. With competitive salaries and benefits, flexible work arrangements, and ongoing professional development opportunities, it’s no wonder that Terraform Labs is a top choice for people looking to work in the tech industry.

If you’re up for the challenge and think you have what it takes to succeed in this role, then don’t hesitate to apply today!

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