PBBM bullish on making Western Visayas ‘insurgency-free’

PBBM bullish on making Western Visayas ‘insurgency-free’
By Finance
Oct 09

PBBM bullish on making Western Visayas ‘insurgency-free’

The Partido Bugalngnon para sa mga Banwahanon-Manggugubat (PBBM) party is determined to make the Western Visayas region in the Philippines insurgency-free. Led by actor-turned-politician Richard Gomez, PBBM aims to address the long-standing issue of insurgent activities in the region by implementing effective strategies and promoting peace and development.

Western Visayas, composed of six provinces, has been plagued by insurgency for many years. The New People’s Army (NPA), the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines, is known to operate in the region, hindering progress and causing security concerns. PBBM seeks to change this by actively engaging with local communities, collaborating with government agencies, and implementing programs that encourage economic growth and social development.

Promoting Community Engagement

One of the key strategies of PBBM in making Western Visayas insurgency-free is to promote community engagement. They believe that involving and empowering local communities is crucial in addressing the root causes of insurgency. By establishing dialogues and consultations with various stakeholders, PBBM aims to understand the concerns and needs of the people. This approach allows them to develop tailored solutions and create opportunities for community involvement in decision-making processes.

PBBM also encourages the establishment of community-based organizations that focus on peacebuilding initiatives. These organizations serve as platforms for community members to voice their concerns and ideas, strengthening their sense of ownership and participation in creating a peaceful and prosperous society. Through these efforts, PBBM believes that they can gain the trust and support of the community, making it easier to implement their programs effectively.

Collaboration with Government Agencies

To achieve their goal of an insurgency-free Western Visayas, PBBM recognizes the importance of collaboration with government agencies. They understand that addressing insurgency involves a multi-faceted approach that requires the cooperation and coordination of different sectors. PBBM actively engages with local government units, law enforcement agencies, and military forces to foster unity and synergy in their efforts.

By coordinating with government agencies, PBBM can align their strategies and programs with existing policies and initiatives. This collaboration allows them to maximize resources, avoid duplication of efforts, and address any legal or administrative barriers that may arise. PBBM also advocates for the allocation of sufficient funds and resources to support the implementation of their programs, ensuring their sustainability and impact.

Economic Growth and Social Development

PBBM believes that sustainable economic growth and social development are crucial in making Western Visayas insurgency-free. They recognize that poverty and lack of opportunities contribute to the vulnerability of communities to insurgent activities. To address this, PBBM focuses on promoting entrepreneurship, job creation, and skills training programs.

By supporting and empowering local businesses and industries, PBBM aims to generate employment opportunities and stimulate economic growth. They also advocate for the provision of quality education and skills training programs to equip the youth with the necessary tools to secure better futures. By addressing the root causes of poverty and inequality, PBBM hopes to create an environment where insurgency becomes less attractive and marginalized communities feel included in the region’s progress.

The PBBM party’s bullishness and determination in making Western Visayas insurgency-free is commendable. Through their strategies of promoting community engagement, collaborating with government agencies, and focusing on economic growth and social development, they aim to address the root causes of insurgency and create a peaceful and prosperous region.

While achieving this goal may not be without challenges, the commitment and dedication of PBBM and its leaders, including Richard Gomez, provide hope for a brighter future in Western Visayas. By working hand-in-hand with the community and various stakeholders, PBBM aims to make significant progress in their mission of creating an insurgency-free region, where peace and prosperity prevail.

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