Disney asks a judge to toss a lawsuit from board of DeSantis appointees

Disney asks a judge to toss a lawsuit from board of DeSantis appointees
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Jul 16

Disney asks a judge to toss a lawsuit from board of DeSantis appointees

Disney asks a judge to toss a lawsuit from board of DeSantis appointees

Disney asks a judge to toss a lawsuit from board of DeSantis appointees

Disney has filed a request with a judge to dismiss a lawsuit brought by members of the Board of Commissioners appointed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The lawsuit alleges that Disney violated the state’s Sunshine Law by conducting secret meetings and making decisions without public notice or input. Disney, however, argues that the allegations are baseless and that the company has always followed the law.


The Board of Commissioners appointed by Governor DeSantis oversees various governmental activities in Florida, including the regulation of theme parks. In their lawsuit, the board members claim that Disney held private meetings where important decisions were made without public knowledge. They argue that this violates the Sunshine Law, which requires that meetings of government boards be open to the public and that notice of these meetings be provided in advance.

Disney has been a major player in Florida’s economy for decades, attracting millions of tourists each year and providing thousands of jobs. The company has long enjoyed a close relationship with state politicians, and Governor DeSantis has appointed several of his allies to key positions on the Board of Commissioners. However, this lawsuit has strained the relationship between Disney and the governor’s appointees.

Disney’s Response

In its motion to dismiss the lawsuit, Disney argues that the allegations made by the board members are unfounded. The company states that it has always complied with the Sunshine Law and that any meetings held by Disney executives were not subject to the same rules as government boards. Disney contends that the meetings in question were simply internal discussions and did not involve official decision-making processes.

Furthermore, Disney asserts that the board members have failed to provide any evidence to support their claims. The company argues that the lawsuit is nothing more than an attempt to tarnish Disney’s reputation and create unnecessary legal hurdles for the company.

Disney’s attorneys have also pointed out that the Sunshine Law does not apply to private corporations like Disney. They argue that the law was designed to govern the actions of governmental bodies, not private entities. Therefore, Disney believes that it should not be subject to the same standards as government boards.

Potential Impact

If the judge rules in favor of Disney and dismisses the lawsuit, it would be a major victory for the company. It would clear Disney of any wrongdoing and eliminate the legal challenges posed by the board members’ lawsuit.

However, if the judge decides to proceed with the lawsuit, it could have significant consequences for Disney. The company may be forced to disclose internal communications and provide evidence that it complied with the Sunshine Law. This could result in negative publicity for Disney and damage its reputation as a responsible corporate citizen.

Additionally, if Disney is found to have violated the Sunshine Law, it could face penalties and potential legal action from other parties affected by its actions. This could lead to further legal battles and financial expenses for the company.

The outcome of this lawsuit will have far-reaching implications for Disney and its relationship with the government of Florida. While Disney maintains its innocence and asserts that it has always followed the law, the judge’s decision will ultimately determine whether the allegations made by the board members hold any weight.

For now, all eyes are on the courtroom as Disney awaits a ruling that could significantly impact its operations in Florida.

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