VR news of the week: Quest 3 Lite, Pico woes, SteamVR Theater, and a stacked November

VR news of the week: Quest 3 Lite, Pico woes, SteamVR Theater, and a stacked November
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Nov 13

VR news of the week: Quest 3 Lite, Pico woes, SteamVR Theater, and a stacked November

VR News of the Week

VR News of the Week: Quest 3 Lite, Pico woes, SteamVR Theater, and a stacked November

In this week’s VR news roundup, we cover some exciting developments in the world of virtual reality. From new set releases to updates on existing platforms, there’s a lot to look forward to for VR enthusiasts. Let’s dive into the latest news:

Quest 3 Lite: A Budget-Friendly VR Headset

Oculus, owned by Facebook, is reportedly working on a new budget-friendly VR set called Quest 3 Lite. This device aims to bring immersive VR experiences to a wider audience at a more affordable price point. While details are scarce, it’s expected to have similar features to its predecessors, including wireless capabilities and built-in tracking.

The Quest 3 Lite could be a game-changer for VR adoption, as it makes the technology more accessible to casual gamers and consumers who are looking for an entry-level VR experience. Oculus has been successful with its previous Quest sets, and this new addition to the lineup could further solidify its position as a leader in the VR market.

Although an official release date and pricing haven’t been announced, rumors suggest that the Quest 3 Lite might hit the shelves in early 2022. VR enthusiasts and potential buyers will be eagerly awaiting more information about this exciting new device.

Pico Woes: Delays and Uncertainty

Pico, a Chinese VR set manufacturer, has been facing challenges recently. The company had plans to release its Neo 3 Pro set this year, but it has been hit with several delays. Pico attributes the setbacks to supply chain issues and the global chip shortage.

These delays have disappointed Pico fans who were looking forward to experiencing the upgraded features of the Neo 3 Pro. The set was expected to offer improved visuals, performance, and comfort compared to its predecessor.

Despite the setbacks, Pico is working hard to address the issues and get the Neo 3 Pro into the hands of consumers as soon as possible. The company remains optimistic about the future of its VR products and is dedicated to delivering high-quality experiences to its customers.

SteamVR Theater: Bringing Movies to VR

Valve recently announced an upcoming feature for SteamVR called SteamVR Theater. This new addition will allow users to watch traditional 2D movies and TV shows on virtual big screens within the VR environment.

With SteamVR Theater, users can enjoy their favorite content in a virtual theater setting, complete with a large screen and customizable seating. This feature aims to enhance the movie-watching experience by providing a more immersive and private viewing environment.

While virtual reality has primarily been associated with gaming, SteamVR Theater demonstrates its potential for other forms of entertainment. This feature opens up new possibilities for VR adoption and offers an alternative way to consume media.

A Stacked November for VR

November is shaping up to be an exciting month for virtual reality, with several highly anticipated releases and events scheduled.

One of the highlights is the launch of the highly anticipated game “Resident Evil 4 VR” for Oculus Quest 2. This immersive adaptation of the classic horror game is expected to be a hit among VR gamers.

Additionally, VR enthusiasts can look forward to the Virtuality 2021 conference, which will bring together industry leaders, developers, and enthusiasts to discuss the latest trends and advancements in the VR space.

November also marks the anniversary of the release of PlayStation VR, Sony’s VR gaming platform. As the platform celebrates its fifth year, there are rumors circulating about potential updates and new games.

The VR industry continues to evolve and provide exciting new experiences for users. From the upcoming Quest 3 Lite to the challenges faced by Pico, there’s plenty to keep an eye on in the world of virtual reality. SteamVR Theater’s movie-watching feature showcases the versatility of VR, while a stacked November promises new games and announcements that will shape the future of the industry. It’s an exciting time to be a VR enthusiast.

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