Saudi adviser proposed giving Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy ownership of LIV Golf teams, documents show

Saudi adviser proposed giving Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy ownership of LIV Golf teams, documents show
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Jul 13

Saudi adviser proposed giving Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy ownership of LIV Golf teams, documents show

Newly leaked documents have revealed that a Saudi adviser proposed giving golfing legends Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy ownership of LIV Golf teams. The documents, obtained by The Guardian, shed light on the potential plans for the controversial Premier Golf League, a breakaway tour that aims to rival the PGA Tour. This latest development raises questions about the role of Saudi Arabia in the world of golf and the potential impact on the sport.

The proposed Premier Golf League (PGL) is backed by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund and has been met with mixed reactions from players and organizations within the golfing community. The idea behind the league is to attract top golfers with significant financial incentives and create a more exclusive and lucrative competition structure.

Saudi Adviser’s Proposal

According to the leaked documents, Turki al-Sheikh, a Saudi Arabian adviser, suggested that Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy could serve as “playing owners” of two of the LIV Golf teams. The proposal outlined a plan for each team to be owned by a combination of professional golfers and investors, with Woods and McIlroy being the prominent celebrity figures.

Al-Sheikh’s proposal aimed to capitalize on the star power and global appeal of Woods and McIlroy, potentially attracting a wider audience to the Premier Golf League. While it is not clear whether the golfers themselves were aware of this proposed ownership arrangement, it highlights the approach Saudi Arabia is taking to revolutionize the golfing landscape.

The leaked documents have also shown that Saudi Arabia went to great lengths to garner support from high-profile players, offering astronomical appearance fees and guaranteed financial rewards. This strategy, however, has created divisions within the golfing community, with some players expressing concerns about the impact on traditional tours like the PGA Tour and European Tour.

Controversies Surrounding the Premier Golf League

The Premier Golf League has faced significant backlash since its inception, with many questioning its potential impact on existing tours and golfing traditions. Some of the key controversies surrounding the league include:

1. Independence from Traditional Tours: The PGL aims to operate separately from established tours like the PGA Tour and the European Tour, which could lead to a fragmentation of the sport’s hierarchy. This has raised concerns about the overall integrity and competitiveness of professional golf.

2. Financial Incentives: The PGL’s promise of immense financial rewards for participating players has attracted criticism from those who believe it prioritizes money over the spirit of competition. Critics argue that this could lead to a devaluation of golf as a sport and create an uneven playing field.

3. Player Loyalty: The PGL’s approach of targeting top golfers with lucrative offers has created a divide within the golfing community. Some players have expressed loyalty to their current tours and are skeptical about the long-term implications of joining the breakaway league.

As more details emerge about the proposed Premier Golf League, controversies surrounding its formation and Saudi Arabia’s involvement continue to unfold. The leaked documents showcasing the proposal to involve Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy as team owners highlight the ambitious nature of the project and the efforts being made to attract renowned golfers.

While the Premier Golf League may offer an enticing monetary proposition, it is clear that significant challenges lie ahead. The potential fragmentation of the golfing landscape, impact on traditional tours, and questions around player loyalty and ethics remain critical issues to be resolved. Only time will tell how these controversies will shape the future of professional golf.

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