Employee’s Petty Revenge Costs Manager Fresh Off Vacation $300-500K In Unvested Stock After Trying To Cancel PTO For Everyone Else

Employee’s Petty Revenge Costs Manager Fresh Off Vacation $300-500K In Unvested Stock After Trying To Cancel PTO For Everyone Else
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Jun 28

Employee’s Petty Revenge Costs Manager Fresh Off Vacation $300-500K In Unvested Stock After Trying To Cancel PTO For Everyone Else

Recently, there has been a story circulating about an employee who sought revenge against their manager after they tried to cancel PTO for everyone else. This action ended up costing the manager a significant amount of money in unvested stock – around $300-500K. The story has garnered attention from many people, shedding light on the importance of treating employees with respect and not abusing power.

The Background

The story begins with a manager who had just returned from vacation. Upon his return, he decided to try and cancel the planned PTO for everyone in the company due to a supposedly “urgent” project that needed to be completed. However, one of his employees who had already made plans for their PTO, decided to enact some petty revenge on the manager.

The employee in question was in charge of a program that was critical to the company’s success. The employee chose to exercise their power over this aspect of the company to cause some trouble for their manager. They informed the manager that the program was experiencing technical difficulties and could not be fixed until after the manager’s proposed urgent project was scheduled to take place.

This caused chaos for the manager, as the project was thrown off its timeline and ended up causing significant financial losses for the company. Additionally, the employee enacted their revenge by quitting their job, therefore causing the manager to lose out on valuable unvested stock.

The Importance of Treating Employees with Respect

This story highlights the importance of treating employees with respect. If the manager had taken the time to communicate with their employees about the urgency of the project, there might have been a way to work around everyone’s PTO plans. Instead, the manager used their power to try and cancel plans for everyone without considering the consequences.

Additionally, it’s essential to note that employees have power too. While they may not hold the same level of authority as their managers, they are still critical to a company’s success. The employee in this story was able to enact some revenge by using their power over a critical program.

The Consequences of Power Abuse

This story also serves as a lesson about power abuse. When individuals in authority positions abuse their power, it can lead to significant consequences for everyone involved. In this case, the manager ended up losing out on a substantial amount of money due to their decision to abuse their power and try and cancel PTO for everyone. Additionally, the company ended up losing money due to the project’s delays caused by the manager’s shortsightedness.

It’s essential for managers and leaders to recognize their responsibility to those they work with. They should not abuse their power or take advantage of those beneath them. Instead, they should seek to collaborate with their team and create an environment of respect and trust.

The Importance of Creating a Positive Work Environment

An important lesson in this story is the critical nature of creating a positive work environment. When employees feel respected, heard, and valued, they are more likely to contribute positively to the company’s success. Conversely, when employees feel disregarded or unimportant, they may be tempted to lash out or seek revenge, as the employee in this story did.

Managers and leaders should seek to create an inclusive and collaborative work environment. By empowering their team members, acknowledging their contributions, and valuing their opinions, they can help foster an atmosphere of trust and productivity.

In Conclusion

This story about an employee’s petty revenge costing a manager fresh off vacation $300-500K in unvested stock after trying to cancel PTO for everyone else serves as a cautionary tale. It illustrates the importance of treating employees with respect, avoiding power abuse, and creating a positive work environment. By doing so, managers and leaders can avoid potentially disastrous consequences, both for themselves and their companies.

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