The Biden Family Business

The Biden Family Business
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May 12

The Biden Family Business

Joe Biden has been in politics for over 50 years, but his family has been in business for much longer. The Biden family’s business ventures have been the subject of controversy and scrutiny in recent years. Here is a closer look at the Biden family business.

The Early Years

The Biden family’s business ventures date back to the early 1900s when Joe Biden’s grandfather, Ambrose Finnegan, opened a tavern in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The tavern was a popular spot for locals, and it eventually became the Finnegan family business. Joe Biden’s father, Joseph Sr., also worked in the tavern before becoming a used car salesman.

The Biden family continued to run the tavern until 1950 when it was sold. They then moved to Wilmington, Delaware, where they started a new business venture.

In Wilmington, Joseph Sr. opened a used car dealership called Biden Motors. The business was successful, and it allowed the family to move into a larger home in a more affluent neighborhood.

Hunter Biden’s Business Ventures

Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, has also been involved in a number of business ventures over the years. In 2009, he co-founded Rosemont Seneca Partners, an investment firm that focused on private equity and real estate. The firm was successful and had numerous high-profile clients.

In 2014, Hunter joined the board of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas company. The move was seen as controversial because of the company’s reputation for corruption and because Hunter had little experience in the energy sector. However, Hunter defended his position on the board, saying that he was there to help improve the company’s governance and transparency.

In 2020, Hunter faced criticism for his business dealings with China. Emails leaked to the press suggested that Hunter had used his father’s position as Vice President to secure business deals in China. However, Hunter denied any wrongdoing, and there has been no evidence of illegal activity.

The Biden Institute

In 2017, Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, founded the Biden Institute at the University of Delaware. The institute focuses on public policy issues and aims to promote bipartisanship and collaboration.

The institute has come under scrutiny because of its ties to the Biden family and because of its funding sources. Some have raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest and influence peddling. However, the institute has defended its work and has said that it operates in accordance with ethical guidelines.

Joe Biden himself has promised to distance himself from the institute if he is elected President.

The Controversies

The Biden family’s business ventures have been the subject of numerous controversies over the years. Critics have accused them of using their political connections for personal gain and of engaging in unethical practices.

The most recent controversy involves Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine and China. President Trump and his allies have accused Joe Biden of using his position as Vice President to help his son secure business deals in those countries. However, there is no evidence to support these claims.

Despite the controversies, the Biden family has maintained that their business activities are legal and ethical. They have also emphasized their commitment to public service and to promoting transparency and accountability.

The Biden family’s business ventures have been the subject of intense scrutiny and criticism in recent years. While some of the accusations against them may be unfounded, there are legitimate questions about potential conflicts of interest and influence peddling. As Joe Biden prepares to take office as President, he will need to be transparent about his family’s business activities and ensure that there are no conflicts of interest or ethical violations.

At the same time, it is important to remember that the Biden family has a long history of public service and has worked to promote transparency and accountability in government. As they navigate the challenges of the coming years, they will need to balance their commitment to public service with their personal business interests.

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