Tennessee Judge Ends Conservatorship Between ‘The Blind Side’ Subject Michael Oher & The Tuohys

Tennessee Judge Ends Conservatorship Between ‘The Blind Side’ Subject Michael Oher & The Tuohys
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Oct 01

Tennessee Judge Ends Conservatorship Between ‘The Blind Side’ Subject Michael Oher & The Tuohys

A Tennessee judge has made the decision to end the conservatorship between Michael Oher, the subject of the popular film “The Blind Side,” and the Tuohy family. The conservatorship had been in place since 2010, when Oher’s story was made famous by the movie. This legal arrangement allowed the Tuohys to make decisions on Oher’s behalf due to concerns about his ability to handle his own affairs.

Oher’s life changed dramatically when the Tuohys, a wealthy white family, took him in as a teenager and provided him with a stable home and the opportunities he needed to succeed. While the movie portrayed Oher’s story as a heartwarming tale of overcoming adversity, the reality has been more complicated. The conservatorship was put in place to address ongoing issues related to Oher’s financial management and decision-making skills.


Michael Oher’s story gained national attention with the release of the movie “The Blind Side” in 2009. The film depicted Oher’s journey from homelessness to becoming a star football player at the University of Mississippi and eventually an NFL player.

The Tuohy family, who were portrayed in the movie by Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw, adopted Oher when he was a teenager. They provided him with the support and resources he needed to thrive academically and athletically. However, the transition to adulthood has presented challenges for Oher, particularly in managing his finances and making independent decisions.

In 2010, a conservatorship was established to address these concerns. The Tuohys were appointed as Oher’s conservators, allowing them to make decisions on his behalf. This arrangement gave them control over his finances, medical care, and other important matters.

End of the Conservatorship

After more than a decade under the conservatorship, a Tennessee judge recently decided to end the legal arrangement between Oher and the Tuohys. The decision came after a review of Oher’s progress and his ability to manage his own affairs.

While the details of the decision have not been made public, it is likely that the judge determined Oher had made significant improvements in his financial management and decision-making skills. This would be a positive step forward for Oher, as it would allow him to have more autonomy and control over his own life.

However, the end of the conservatorship does not mean that Oher will be completely on his own. It is likely that he will continue to receive support and guidance from the Tuohy family, who have been an important presence in his life for many years.

Implications and Future

The end of the conservatorship marks a new chapter in Oher’s life. It signifies a transition to greater independence and responsibility. While it is a positive development, it also brings new challenges and responsibilities for Oher.

One of the key implications of the end of the conservatorship is that Oher will now have full control over his finances. This means he will need to develop strong financial management skills and make wise decisions to ensure his long-term financial well-being.

Additionally, Oher will need to navigate the complexities of adulthood, such as making his own healthcare decisions and managing his personal life. It will be important for him to seek guidance and support from trusted individuals as he adjusts to these new responsibilities.

The end of the conservatorship between Michael Oher and the Tuohy family marks a significant milestone in Oher’s journey. It represents a step towards greater independence and personal growth. While the road ahead may present challenges, Oher now has the opportunity to take control of his own life and continue to build on the successes he has achieved thus far.

The Tuohy family’s support and guidance will likely remain important as Oher embarks on this new chapter. With their continued involvement, along with his own determination and resilience, Oher has the potential to create a bright future for himself, both on and off the football field.

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