Charlie Sheen says sons are ‘grateful’ that he’s ‘present’ and ‘responsible’ while mom Brooke Mueller battles addiction

Charlie Sheen says sons are ‘grateful’ that he’s ‘present’ and ‘responsible’ while mom Brooke Mueller battles addiction
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Jan 25

Charlie Sheen says sons are ‘grateful’ that he’s ‘present’ and ‘responsible’ while mom Brooke Mueller battles addiction

Charlie Sheen says sons are ‘grateful’ that he’s ‘present’ and ‘responsible’ while mom Brooke Mueller battles addiction

Charlie Sheen recently opened up about his role as a father while his ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, battles addiction. Sheen revealed that his sons, 12-year-old twins Max and Bob, are grateful for his presence and responsibility in their lives during this difficult time.

In an interview with People magazine, Sheen shared that he has taken on a more active role in his sons’ lives since Mueller’s struggles with substance abuse. He stated, “I think my kids are really grateful that I am present and responsible. They know that I am always there for them no matter what.”

Supporting His Sons

Sheen expressed the importance of being a stable and reliable figure in his sons’ lives amidst the chaos that addiction can bring. He believes that his consistency and love provide them with a sense of security.

He stated, “It’s important for me to be a stable force and a good example for my sons. They need to know that they can depend on me, especially during difficult times.”

Sheen has been actively involved in his sons’ lives since his split from Mueller in 2011. He has often shared photos and updates on social media, showcasing their close relationship and the fun activities they do together.

The Impact of Addiction

Sheen understands the challenges that addiction can bring to a family, having struggled with his own substance abuse issues in the past. He has been open about his journey to sobriety and the importance of seeking help.

He stated, “I know firsthand the impact that addiction can have on a family. It’s a heartbreaking situation, but I am doing everything I can to support my sons and their mother through this difficult time.”

Sheen also emphasized the importance of not blaming or judging Mueller for her addiction struggles. He believes in offering support and understanding, as addiction is a complex issue that requires compassion.

Co-Parenting Challenges

Co-parenting can be challenging, especially when one parent is dealing with addiction. Sheen acknowledged the difficulties but remains committed to putting his sons’ well-being first.

He stated, “We may not always see eye-to-eye, but we both want what’s best for our children. It’s about setting aside our differences and focusing on their needs.”

Sheen has sought legal steps to ensure the safety and welfare of his sons. In 2019, he successfully obtained full custody of Max and Bob after Mueller was deemed unfit due to her ongoing battle with addiction.

A Message of Hope

While Sheen acknowledges the challenges they face as a family, he remains hopeful for the future. He believes that with love, support, and professional help, his ex-wife can overcome her addiction and rebuild her life.

He stated, “I have faith that Brooke will find her way back. Addiction is a lifelong battle, but recovery is possible. Our focus right now is on supporting our sons and providing them with a stable and loving environment.”

Charlie Sheen’s commitment to being present and responsible for his sons during their mother’s battle with addiction is commendable. His focus on providing a stable and loving environment shows his dedication to their well-being.

While addiction can create challenges within a family, Sheen’s message of hope and support offers encouragement. With the right resources and a strong support system, individuals can find their path to recovery and rebuild their lives.