UN chief concerned by violence, communication restriction on Pakistan election day

UN chief concerned by violence, communication restriction on Pakistan election day
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Feb 10

UN chief concerned by violence, communication restriction on Pakistan election day

UN chief concerned by violence, communication restriction on Pakistan election day

The United Nations (UN) Secretary-General, António Guterres, has expressed concern over the violence and communication restrictions that marked the election day in Pakistan. The general elections took place on July 25th, 2022, and were marred by multiple incidents of violence and the blocking of various communication channels.

Guterres urged all parties involved to exercise restraint and maintain peace during this critical time for Pakistan’s democracy.

Violence during the Election Day

The election day witnessed several instances of violence across various parts of Pakistan. There were reports of clashes between rival political groups, resulting in injuries and fatalities. In some areas, voters faced intimidation and threats, deterring them from exercising their democratic rights.

The UN chief has strongly condemned these acts of violence, highlighting the importance of a peaceful electoral process for the progress and stability of Pakistan.

Guterres called upon the Pakistani authorities to thoroughly investigate these incidents and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

Communication Restrictions

During the election day, there were widespread reports of communication restrictions imposed by the Pakistani government. This included the suspension of mobile phone services in certain areas and the blocking of social media platforms.

The UN Secretary-General expressed concern over these restrictions, emphasizing the need for transparency and access to information during the electoral process. He stressed that communication disruptions hinder citizens’ right to freely express themselves and impede the flow of accurate information.

Guterres called on the authorities to respect freedom of expression and ensure that citizens can access information from diverse sources to make informed decisions.

International Observers

The UN chief acknowledged the presence of international observers during the Pakistan general elections. He commended their efforts in monitoring and assessing the electoral process, contributing to its transparency and credibility.

Guterres called on the Pakistani government to facilitate the work of international observers and provide them with a conducive environment to carry out their duties effectively.

He stressed the importance of impartial observation to build public trust in the electoral process and urged all parties to respect the findings and recommendations of the international observers.

The violence and communication restrictions witnessed during the Pakistan election day have raised concerns among international stakeholders, including the United Nations. The UN Secretary-General has called for peace, accountability, and respect for democratic principles.

Guterres emphasized the need for a transparent and inclusive electoral process, where citizens can freely express their views and access accurate information. The international community will closely monitor the developments in Pakistan and continue to support the country’s journey towards a stable and democratic future.