Sock-cutting and dirty laundry: the unglamorous role of the Euro 2024 kit man

Sock-cutting and dirty laundry: the unglamorous role of the Euro 2024 kit man
By Communication
Jul 08

Sock-cutting and dirty laundry: the unglamorous role of the Euro 2024 kit man

Being a kit man for a professional football team might sound like a glamorous job, but the reality is far from it. While players receive all the glory and attention on the pitch, behind the scenes, the kit man plays a crucial role in ensuring everything runs smoothly. From managing the team’s uniforms to dealing with the aftermath of a tough game, the job is filled with unglamorous tasks that often go unnoticed.

One of the most unglamorous aspects of the kit man’s job is sock-cutting. In order to prevent blisters and ensure a perfect fit, many players prefer to have their socks custom-cut to suit their preferences. This means that the kit man spends hours before each game meticulously cutting and adjusting socks to meet each player’s specific requirements. It’s a tedious task that requires precision and attention to detail, but one that is essential for the players’ comfort and performance on the pitch.

The Dirty Laundry

Another unglamorous but essential aspect of the kit man’s job is dealing with the team’s dirty laundry. After a tough training session or a grueling match, the kit man is responsible for collecting, sorting, washing, and drying the players’ sweaty and muddy gear. This often means long hours spent in the laundry room, handling piles of smelly clothes and equipment. It’s a dirty job, quite literally, but one that is vital for maintaining the hygiene and professionalism of the team.

Equipment Management

Aside from managing the players’ uniforms and laundry, the kit man is also responsible for taking care of all the team’s equipment. From balls and cones to medical supplies and hydration packs, the kit man must ensure that everything is organized, well-maintained, and ready for use at any given moment. This requires meticulous planning and attention to detail to anticipate the team’s needs and ensure that they have everything they require to perform at their best.

First-Aid Duties

In addition to managing the team’s equipment and uniforms, the kit man often doubles as the team’s first-aid provider. With players at risk of injuries during training sessions and games, the kit man must be prepared to administer immediate care and assistance when needed. This includes everything from applying bandages and ice packs to assisting with more serious injuries until medical help arrives. It’s a high-pressure role that requires quick thinking and a calm demeanor in potentially stressful situations.

In conclusion, while the role of a kit man may not come with the same level of recognition and glamour as that of a football player, it is nonetheless a vital and essential position within any professional team. From sock-cutting and laundry duty to equipment management and first-aid responsibilities, the kit man plays a critical behind-the-scenes role in ensuring the smooth operation of the team. Their hard work, dedication, and attention to detail are instrumental in supporting the players and coaching staff, and their efforts should not go unnoticed or unappreciated.